Modern Waterfront Residential Tiling

Home Renovation in Mermaid Waters


Raj, a homeowner from Mermaid Waters on the Gold Coast, initially approached us for a tiling overhaul of his two bathrooms and indoor common areas. Impressed with our craftsmanship, especially the innovative drop-drain installation in the bathroom, he decided to expand the project. What started as a small tiling contract quickly evolved into a comprehensive home renovation, including the outdoor alfresco area, pool, and canal-side stone pavers.


The outdoor tiling presented a unique puzzle: three different tile thickness levels needed to be seamlessly integrated to ensure a level finish. Creativity and precision were paramount in crafting a cohesive outdoor space that blended beauty with functionality. Midway through the renovation, an unexpected turn of events saw the builder exit the project. Stepping beyond our initial tiling remit, I took on the challenge of completing the timber flooring upstairs, demonstrating our versatility and commitment to Raj’s vision without the need for additional contractors.


Leveraging our expertise in house tiling, pool tiling, outdoor tiling, and bathroom tiling, we executed a multi-faceted renovation that transformed Raj’s property. The outdoor areas received a meticulous, creative tiling solution that catered to the varying thickness levels, ensuring aesthetic harmony and structural integrity. When the builder departed, we seamlessly transitioned to timber flooring work, completing it within just two days. Raj’s home now boasts a sensational look, reflecting a seamless blend of indoor elegance and outdoor allure, all achieved with unmatched efficiency and skill.

Project Details


August 7, 2018


Mermaid Waters, QLD



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