What Areas Do You Service?2024-01-24T08:40:47+00:00

Gold Coast and surrounding suburbs. If you are in Brisbane or northern NSW, we will request photos to give you an estimate of the work before sending a technician onsite.

When Can You Come Out For A Quote?2024-01-24T08:42:35+00:00

We conduct quote inspections in the afternoons and can generally schedule in a visit the week following your call.

How Long Will I Have To Wait For You To Start?2024-01-24T08:43:05+00:00

For 1 day jobs we can schedule you in within 2-3 weeks. For larger jobs it depends on the time of the year and what other jobs we have booked in, but generally we try not to have people waiting more than a month to commence longer projects.

Are Your Tilers Licensed And Insured?2024-01-24T08:43:39+00:00

Yes, we are fully licensed as Wall and Floor Tilers in NSW and with the QBCC. We also have up to date public liability and workers compensation insurance for our workers.

How And When Do You Require Payment?2024-01-24T08:44:09+00:00

To confirm a booking for a job, we require a deposit of 30% of the total cost + GST. Once the job is completed, the technician will request the remaining balance to be paid onsite or we will send you an invoice within 24 hours.
For projects with a duration over a week, we will split the invoice into 3 equal parts and request a progress payment halfway through the work in order to pay the workers throughout the project.

What Warranty Do You Offer?2024-01-24T08:44:43+00:00

We offer a 15-year workmanship warranty on full shower and balcony seals, tiling & waterproofing and bathroom renovations. If there are any issues with our work within this time, just give us a call and we will come back immediately and repair it without question.

What Are The Options And Prices To Seal My Shower Without Removing Tiles?2024-01-30T08:45:55+00:00

We offer several sealing options starting with a base seal at $990. The price varies based on your shower’s size and specific needs.

What Warranty Do You Offer For Seals?2024-01-30T08:47:10+00:00

The condition of every shower is different, so once we have assessed the state of the tiles onsite, we will confirm what warranty we can offer. If you choose a full shower seal which includes the walls, this is guaranteed to protect the shower from more leaks from the walls so it will last longer and we can offer a longer warranty period.

I’ve Seen Others Out There Cheaper2024-01-30T08:48:35+00:00

When repairing and protecting wet areas, don’t make the mistake of trying to save money with cheap operators. We have seen the consequences and are usually the ones that Gold Coasters call to fix things when those jobs go wrong.

We are licensed tilers with more than two decades of tiling experience. Other shower sealing professionals only know what happens on the surface with grouting, but don’t have detailed knowledge of tiles and how they respond to moisture. If you need tiles removed, their expertise may not be enough to solve what’s going on underneath and prevent bigger problems down the road.

Our other main point of difference is that we use our specially formulated Permaseal™ epoxy grouting for both wall and floor tiling,\. Epoxy lasts much longer than regular grouting and has a big visual impact on the finished product. This is why we can offer a longer warranty than most others.

What is the process to book a seal?2024-01-30T08:49:52+00:00

The process is super simple and our team are here to help you get it fixed asap!

1. Send us your property address, contact phone and email.

2. We will schedule one of our team to visit your property for a free no-obligation assessment where we will use moisture meters to check how much water is under the tiling to determine if a seal is possible or if tiling needs to be removed.

3. You will receive a quote via email within a few days.

4. Once the quote is accepted, we will send you an invoice to confirm and book in the job within the following 1-2 weeks.

Can I Get An Online Estimate?2024-01-30T08:50:27+00:00

If you’re busy and would prefer to get a technician out to quote and seal on the same day, we can assess your tiling online generally with a few good photos.

1. Use our online form or send us an email to info@allspextiling.com.au with some photos and a description of what you have noticed is happening.

2. We will send you a preliminary assessment and estimate to seal your shower.

3. Once the estimate is accepted and deposit paid, we will schedule in one of our team to come out and seal the shower within 1-2 weeks.

Sometimes we do discover once seeing the shower or balcony in person that more invasive tile removal is needed, so to avoid any surprises, let us know beforehand if you notice any cracks or drummy tiles that could indicate excessive amounts of water underneath..

Should I stop using my shower and when can I use it again?2024-01-30T08:51:54+00:00

We need the shower to be dry for at least 12 hours prior, so if you stop using it the night before that is enough.After the seal, the epoxy needs 12 hours to dry so you can use your shower the next day.

How long does a shower or balcony repair take?2024-01-30T08:54:37+00:00

A shower seal takes about 4 hours, with an extra hour or two if your shower screen needs to be removed and refitted.

A complete retile takes a week because the process involves 5 days of demolition, waterproofing, screeding, tiling, grouting & sealing, each needs a day for curing & resting before commencing the next stage.

Balcony repairs are double this time due to their size and are also subject to delays when it rains.

Why Do You Use Epoxy Grout?2024-01-24T08:49:09+00:00

Unlike regular cement grout, epoxy grout is highly water and stain-resistant, doing a much better job in preventing mould and mildew. It’s also more durable, doesn’t discolour or crack easily, and requires less maintenance and cleaning. Unlike other operators who might only use epoxy grout on shower walls, we use it on both walls and floors. WIth our exclusive Permaseal™ epoxy, your shower and balcony have a much higher level of protection, and the finished product looks great too.

What Colour Is The Grout?2024-01-30T08:55:18+00:00

We have specially formulated our Allspex Permaseal™ Epoxy to come in more than 20 colour options. However we most commonly use neutral grout colours such as beige, grey, and white as they are popular choices that provide a timeless and versatile look that complements any space. Our technicians will assist you to choose the best colour to match your tiles.

How Do You Know If The Tiles Need To Be Removed?2024-01-30T08:56:39+00:00

Our technicians will come onsite and assess the tiles for the following signs:

● Multiple cracked tiles
● Loose or lifting tiles
● A ‘drummy’ hollow sound when tapping on the tiles
● Excessive mould and mildew

These signs indicate that water has been trapped long enough to compromise the waterproofing and the tiles have become unstuck. Sealing is no longer an option as this simply protects them from future water leakage, but doesn’t undo the already existing water trapped underneath. Left untreated, the water could also leak to the subfloor and damage the structure. The tiles need to be removed and the area needs to be rewaterproofed and retiled.

Our team uses advanced moisture meters and leak detection techniques to give you an honest, accurate assessment and all the options available to you.

If My Shower Needs Tile Removal, What Options Do I Have?2024-01-30T08:58:38+00:00

We have two options available depending on your budget. Our team will tell you about the end result and benefits of each option, but ultimately the decision is up to you, no obligation. We can assure you that our prices are competitive with others who offer the same level of service. Visit our tile removal page to see the options.

How Much Do You Charge For Tiling Services?2024-01-30T08:59:33+00:00

Instead of a standard per square metre rate, we consider the full scope of your project and charge for our time. The reason we do this is our expertise in various aspects of home repair. When you choose us, you’re getting much more than just a tiler. Our team is skilled across multiple trades including demolition, sheeting, waterproofing, shower screen installation and of course, tiling.

Our quotes are tailored to offer comprehensive service that covers all your needs in one go. This will ultimately save you in the long run from having to hire other contractors to fill in the gaps.

How Long Does It Take To Lay Tiles?2024-01-30T09:00:15+00:00

In addition to laying the tiles themselves, there are multiple other tasks involved depending on the area, such as surface preparation, waterproofing, screeding and grouting. For laying tiles alone we expect to take 3 hours per m2. We are the fastest in the business due to 5 decades of combined experience.

I Have A Straight Tiling Job That Has Already Been Waterproofed.2024-01-30T09:00:48+00:00

Our policy is to work on projects where we’ve managed the waterproofing ourselves. This is because we can’t guarantee the effectiveness of waterproofing done by others.

We want to provide you with the best service, which includes offering a warranty on our work. If we’re not confident in the waterproofing beneath the tiles, we can’t be sure of preventing potential leaks or damage. By handling both the waterproofing and tiling, we ensure the job is done right from start to finish, allowing us to take full responsibility for the quality and durability of the work.

Why Is Tiling So Expensive?2024-01-24T08:55:11+00:00

Tiling is much more than just laying tiles. It’s a complex craft that involves several key steps. Here’s what goes into it:

1.Waterproofing: This critical step, a trade in itself, is essential, especially in wet areas like showers and balconies. Proper waterproofing prevents water damage and costly future repairs.

2. Screeding: Not all tilers undertake screeding, but it’s vital for a level and smooth base. It’s a challenging task that sets the foundation for perfect tiling.

3. Tiling: The actual placement of tiles requires a skilled hand. It’s an art form that a fully licensed and experienced tradesperson masters over years. .

4. Grouting and Sealing: These final steps are crucial for the longevity and aesthetics of the tiling. If you have poor quality grout or workmanship, it allows leaks under the tiles and compromises all of the work above. Our Permaseal epoxy has been specially formulated to last the test of time.

Cheaper handymen or choosing to tile yourself will lead to substandard results. You can’t compromise on quality in wet areas because the repair costs will far outweigh your savings. Our commitment to excellence extends to a 15-year warranty. We stand behind our work and will address any issues, offering you peace of mind and a lasting finish.

Is QBCC Insurance Included In Your Price?2024-01-24T10:13:17+00:00

We will include QBCC Home Warranty Insurance on the estimate for all eligible jobs over $3,300. This will cover the work for up to 6 years and 6 months according to QBCC regulations. To check if your property is eligible, please check the QBCC website.

Can you replace broken or damaged tiles?2024-01-24T10:12:18+00:00

Yes, we can replace broken or damaged tiles. The process depends on the tile’s location:
● In Wet Areas: If the damaged tile is in a wet area, like a bathroom, it may indicate underlying water damage. In such cases, we need to inspect the area thoroughly with our moisture meter. Often, it’s not just about replacing a single tile, but addressing the entire area to ensure proper waterproofing and long-term durability.
● In Non-Wet Areas: Tile replacement in dry areas, like living rooms or hallways, is generally more straightforward since there’s no waterproofing involved. Our tiler expertly handles the removal and replacement of tiles with utmost precision. However, the nature of tile removal, involving specific tools and techniques, might occasionally affect nearby tiles. Therefore, it’s prudent to anticipate the possibility of needing to replace several adjacent tiles as well.

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