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Facing a leaking shower can often bring visions of extensive, disruptive repairs – the thought of having your bathroom torn apart, out of action for weeks, and the mounting costs. At Allspex Tiling on the Gold Coast, we understand this fear. That’s why we specialise in providing efficient, non-invasive shower sealing solutions that aim to preserve your tiles and minimise disruption.

Why Choose Allspex Tiling for Your Shower Sealing Needs?

It’s crucial to identify a leak early to prevent extensive damage. Some common signs include:

Expert Leak Detection and Repair: Our trained technicians excel in identifying and fixing all types of shower leaks, ensuring your bathroom remains dry and damage-free.
Advanced Sealing Technology: We use the latest techniques and high-quality materials, including our specially formulated PermaSeal™ Epoxy, to seal your shower effectively.
Comprehensive Service: From assessing leaks and loose tiles to applying waterproof sealant, our team handles every step with precision and care.
Long-Lasting Results: Our proven methods not only fix existing problems but also prevent future issues, saving you time and money in the long run.
Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed: We are committed to delivering exceptional service and ensuring complete customer satisfaction with every project.

Explore Our Detailed Shower Sealing Process

Curious about how we tackle leaky showers? Download our ‘Full Shower Service Description’ for an in-depth view of our expert process. Learn about the tools, techniques, and materials we use, like our unique PermaSeal™ Epoxy, to deliver lasting results.

Gain confidence in our approach and understand exactly what goes into making your shower leak-free.

Shower leak repair service

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Please note: For leak repair, it’s hard to know if tiles need to be removed until can see the extent of the damage in person.  Send us as many details as you can and we may be able to give you an estimate online before an onsite inspection. Images will help a lot.