Hope Island Balcony Renovation Success

Expert Screeding Without Shortcuts: The Key to Durable Balconies


Sue needed urgent help with her Hope Island holiday rental’s balcony. The tiles were lifting and looked like a small hill had formed. This signalled failed waterproofing beneath and therefore this was not just a repair of a few tiles but a complete 12m balcony renovation. Our task was to fix it before Sue’s two-week visit.


Once we started work, the root problem became starkly evident: the balcony’s screed—the crucial layer that ensures water flows away correctly—was vastly inadequate. A well-laid screed creates slopes for water runoff, but here, the surface was alarmingly flat. The original job had used only a quarter of the necessary screed, suggesting a significant shortfall in materials by previous contractors or willingness to carry so many materials to the unit from the carpark. Addressing this meant hauling and mixing over 60 bags of screed mix, totalling 1200kg of sand, through the complex to Sue’s unit. All this on a balcony facing the hot Gold Coast afternoon sun – a job many contractors would refuse.


Within two weeks, we completed the balcony renovation, including retiling and applying epoxy grout for durability. Sue was so satisfied with the progress that she felt comfortable leaving a day early. This project was a testament to our team’s willingness to put in the work and do what others will not. What we saw in this complex just goes to show, picking the right team matters—a lot. We’re all about rolling up our sleeves and staying until the work’s truly done, not just done enough to beat the traffic home. It’s about lasting fixes, not quick exits.

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November, 2023


Hope Island, QLD