Tile Leak Detection Services on the Gold Coast: Fast and Reliable

Signs of a Tile Leak: Expert Insights

It’s crucial to identify a leak early to prevent extensive damage. Some common signs include:

● Cracked or broken tiles
●’Crunchy’ sound when you step on the tiles
● Discoloured or mouldy grout
● Damp odours
● Swollen cabinetry
● Shower door doesn’t close flush

Our Leak Detection Process: State-of-the-Art Techniques

We use advanced technology like moisture meters and thermal imaging to accurately locate leaks. This precision allows us to address the issue effectively, potentially saving you from larger repairs in the future.

Comprehensive Repair Services: Recommendations You Can Trust

Once we detect a leak, our skilled team will give you a no-bull answer – without the unnecessary upsells. We won’t sell you something that you don’t need. What we recommend is what we know your property needs for your tiles to last.

If we can repair the area with a shower seal, we can often assess and repair in the same visit. We stand behind our work with a 15-year guarantee, ensuring long-term satisfaction.

Contact Us for a Free Leak Detection Consultation

If you suspect a leak in your tiling, don’t hesitate to reach out. We offer a free consultation to assess your situation and provide a quick, effective solution.

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Please note: For leak repair, it’s hard to know if tiles need to be removed until can see the extent of the damage in person.  Send us as many details as you can and we may be able to give you an estimate online before an onsite inspection. Images will help a lot.