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Facing a leaky shower or a damaged balcony? At Allspex Tiling, we turn your tiling troubles into triumphs. With three generations of Italian craftsmanship and years of experience repairing and preventing leaks, we merge time-honored techniques with cutting-edge technology to solve the Gold Coast’s most common yet challenging tiling woes.

Leaks aren’t just inconvenient; they threaten your home’s integrity and value. That’s where we shine. Our expertise in shower and balcony leak repairs fixes the issue and safeguards your space against future damage, blending no-fuss repairs with enduring protection and increased property value.

Our passion is to help Gold Coast homeowners. Backed by honest communication, innovative solutions, and a warranty that we actually stand by, we ensure the repair process is as stress-free as the stunning results. Trust in a small wholesome team that cares, where we treat your home like our own, delivering solutions that last generations.

Shower & Balcony Sealing

Sealing your tiles will save you time and money. Get your shower sealed without removing tiles and use it the very next day.

Fast Leak Repair

Protect your shower or balcony from leaks in the tiles. Trust our expert tile sealing services using epoxy grouting, designed to last and save you thousands!

Tile Removal & Retiling

Fast and affordable, our tile removal and retiling outprices competitors. Experience rapid, cost-effective transformations in your Gold Coast home.

Leak Repair Options

If a leak in your tiling has gone too far, trust us to give you transparent competitive pricing and options for tile removal, waterproofing and retiling.

Bathroom Renovations

Trust the best tiler on the Gold Coast and his team to take care of your full bathroom reno for a very competitive rate and a 15 year workmanship warranty.

One-Stop Shop

Our Gold Coast bathroom renovations team is skilled across multiple trades so you don’t need to stress about coordinating and paying extra for multiple contractors.

Epoxy Regrouting

Spruce up your bathroom with our specialised FlexiSeal™ Epoxy grouting services - it's a quick solution that's cheap as chips, far more durable and leaves tiles looking great!

Rejuvenate your Tiles

We offer tile regrouting on Gold Coast to update your tiling for a brand-new look and increase the value of your property.


Why We Are the Gold Coast’s Trusted Tiling Experts

In the booming property market of the Gold Coast, finding a tiler who is both reliable and skilled across multiple trades is a big ask. Bigger companies often come with bigger bills, but we stand out by offering exceptional quality and speedy work at small business values.

When you opt for our shower and balcony repair services, expect to be more than just satisfied—you’ll be delighted, joining the ranks of our many happy customers who come to us

Your One-Stop Tiling Solution

We take special pride in being the Gold Coast’s all-inclusive provider of demolition, tiling, grouting, waterproofing and shower screen services, sparing you the hassle of juggling multiple contractors. Facing a leaking shower? Need those tiles removed? Dreaming of a bathroom renovation? Our team is ready to step in with solutions that not only look great but also provide safety and enhance sale potential. With our expertise in grout repair and epoxy grouting, you’ll enjoy a bathroom or balcony that’s both beautiful and functional. Honesty, customer satisfaction, and top-tier finish are what we deliver—every time.

Our Clients Say

Marco and Deane did an excellent job and we are very happy with the completed work. Marco’s work is true Italian quality workmanship. Very happy with the finished product.

“Marco was very quick to respond to the job posting. He was a very prompt, professional, extremely neat tiler and did an excellent job. Very happy and would recommend him to anyone.”


“Marco has already completed the job and he has done a wonderful work creating a functional fall-in open shower as well as tiling of the bathroom. He is very professional and skilled and goes the extra-mile to make you as a customer happy. I strongly recommend him for any type of project!”

“Marco was amazing! His work was great! nice and tidy and nothing was ever a problem. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing tiling.”


Tiling Blog

Our team collaborates on articles that we think every homeowner should read in order to be informed about the choices they make for your home. Every article we write comes from a place of passion and dedication, aimed at shedding light on the intricate world of tiling. Through our writing, we hope you can see the true skill, art and effort put into the trade.

30 April 2024|

Have you ever noticed a white powdery substance on your grout? It might seem like a small cosmetic issue, but it’s actually telling you something important about your home. This build-up, known as efflorescence, signals that there may be underlying problems with your tiles and grout. We encounter this issue frequently during inspections or when homeowners send us photos asking [...]

8 April 2024|

If you’re like most homeowners, the sight of a water leak in your shower might trigger a mix of frustration and denial. “It’s just a small crack,” you might think. But in our world of tiles and grout, these little signs can spell big trouble. Let us walk you through what we've learnt from three generations of tiling – the [...]

16 March 2024|

Saving some pennies by trying your hand at DIY tile repair can be tempting, but it's fraught with pitfalls that could end up costing you more than just calling in the pros. From the misadventures of the well-intentioned handyman to the hard lessons learned from cutting corners, this post unpacks the common blunders and why sometimes, a professional touch is not just nice—it's necessary. Join us as we explore how to avoid the common traps of DIY tiling and ensure your bathroom stays beautiful and leak-free.

What Are The Options And Prices To Seal My Shower Without Removing Tiles?2024-01-30T08:45:55+00:00

We offer several sealing options starting with a base seal at $990. The price varies based on your shower’s size and specific needs.

If My Shower Needs Tile Removal, What Options Do I Have?2024-01-30T08:58:38+00:00

We have two options available depending on your budget. Our team will tell you about the end result and benefits of each option, but ultimately the decision is up to you, no obligation. We can assure you that our prices are competitive with others who offer the same level of service. Visit our tile removal page to see the options.

What Warranty Do You Offer For Seals?2024-01-30T08:47:10+00:00

The condition of every shower is different, so once we have assessed the state of the tiles onsite, we will confirm what warranty we can offer. If you choose a full shower seal which includes the walls, this is guaranteed to protect the shower from more leaks from the walls so it will last longer and we can offer a longer warranty period.

I’ve Seen Others Out There Cheaper2024-01-30T08:48:35+00:00

When repairing and protecting wet areas, don’t make the mistake of trying to save money with cheap operators. We have seen the consequences and are usually the ones that Gold Coasters call to fix things when those jobs go wrong.

We are licensed tilers with more than two decades of tiling experience. Other shower sealing professionals only know what happens on the surface with grouting, but don’t have detailed knowledge of tiles and how they respond to moisture. If you need tiles removed, their expertise may not be enough to solve what’s going on underneath and prevent bigger problems down the road.

Our other main point of difference is that we use our specially formulated Permaseal™ epoxy grouting for both wall and floor tiling,\. Epoxy lasts much longer than regular grouting and has a big visual impact on the finished product. This is why we can offer a longer warranty than most others.

Explore Our Key Projects

Each project we get has its own unique challenges that not every tiler is willing to undertake. Our creative solutions are why we are the Gold Coast’s trusted tile repair specialists. Click below to read through some of our most unique repairs our ways to solve them.


Trust in three generations of traditional Italian tiling expertise mixed with modern technologies and our dedication to quality. The answer to your repair problems is just a call away.

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