Detect & Fix Leaky Tiles on the Gold Coast: Expert Tile Leak Detection Services

Free, Fast and Accurate Leak Detection

Do you think you may have a leak in the tiles in your shower or balcony?
Some of the signs of leak detection services leaky tiles could include:
  • Broken/cracked tiles
  • Tiles make a ‘crunchy’ sound when you step on them
  • Mouldy or discoloured grout
  • A damp odour
  • The shower door doesn’t close flush
  • Swelling wooden cabinetry
One of the biggest challenges is leak detection – it isn’t always as simple as it looks. If you put in the work to fix the damage done by the leak but you haven’t pinpointed the exact source, you need to call someone back again and whilst this leak remains unfixed, extensive damage can happen in a short time.
The signs above might be noticeable but may not motivate you enough to inspire immediate action…that is until the carpet becomes damp or you start to see staining on the ceiling under your second floor. Trust us, early and accurate detection is key to saving you money and a lot of stress down the road.
We pressure test the fixings and pipes for leaks, and then using a moisture meter we determine how much moisture is underneath the tiles. We then utilize state-of-the-art thermal imaging testing equipment to detect leak sealing services that may be out of visibility and trace problems back to the source.
If there is no major damage to the internal structure underneath the tiling, I can find and fix the leak, then seal and waterproof the tiles in the same visit depending on my availability.

I have more than 20+ years in the field, and tile leak repair and leak detection is my specialty. What’s more, we back the quality of our work with a 10-year guarantee.

If you think you may have a leak that is affecting your tiling, contact us today for a FREE leak detection specialist consultation.

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Please note: For leak repair, it’s hard to know if tiles need to be removed until can see the extent of the damage in person.  Send us as many details as you can and we may be able to give you an estimate online before an onsite inspection. Images will help a lot.